Board Meetings

Next Meeting: November 23th, @ 6pm

Location: Wild Boar in Oakdale

10/21/2021    October 2021 Board Meeting 


Meeting was called to order @ 6:00pm

  1. Target Field - Table till next meeting.  Waiting on September pay-out information from Target Field.  Michelle contacted Amy today, Amy indicated September sales & commission reports should be available soon.  Winter Classic is January 1st 2:30  Game starts 6:00pm.  We will be doing this event. Commit to 10 possibly more. 

  2. Target Center- Not doing this year 

  3. Xcel Energy- Sending out an email about tips   

  4. Allianz- Going well.  Last Game is on October 31st.  If they make the playoffs, they will not have any home games.

  5. Huntington Bank Stadium- Three games left for this season.  

  6. US Bank Stadium- Discuss that our volunteers stay together in the Delta Club.

  7. New Business- 

    1. New Board Members- Talking about getting new members. 

    2. Stimulus Bonus- Will go out to two additional members.   

  8. Old Business- None 

  9. Financials- Was reported and approved  

Adjourn @ 8:07


Next Meeting- November 23rd Wild Boar @ 6pm   


*In attendance- Collen Hoden, Jody Friesen , MIchelle Rozmiarek, Helen Stoeckel, Sandy Loude, Brian Stoeckel, Rachel Talcott

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Colleen Hoden

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Jody Friesen

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