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Frequently Asked Questions

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TAYE receives funds based on concession stand sales and retail sales at major sporting events. 

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The amount raised varies from game to game and venue to venue.  Here are the current donation amounts for 2022:  

  • Target Field - $125 per event (plus tips*)

  • CHS Field - $100 per event (plus tips*)

  • Xcel Energy Center - $90 per event (plus tips*) 

  • Allianz Field - $100 per event

  • US Bank Stadium - $200 per Vikings game  |  $150 per concert (tips* possible, not guaranteed)

  • Huntington Bank Stadium - $125 per event

*Any tips will be shared with the group and added to the donation amount once reconciled.  Once reconciled, you will receive an email with your total tip amount for the month.

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Here are the current age requirements for each of the venues:

  • Target Field = 16*

  • Xcel Energy Center - 18

  • Allianz Field - 18

  • US Bank Stadium - 16*

  • Huntington Bank Stadium - 18

*Minors must be accompanied by a parent or guardian that is also volunteering at the same event.  Anyone under 18 is not allowed to serve alcohol.

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Individuals volunteer at the stadiums around the Twin Cities.  Volunteers earn a donation for each shift worked.  The donations are added to the volunteers grant fund pool to be used to support with activities such as:

  • Sports fees

  • Dance lessons

  • Music and voice lessons

  • Enrichment activities (Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, 4H, school clubs)

  • Education, tuition, and books (kindergarten through college). 

  • Church activities, Mission Trips, church camps, youth groups

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The length of the shifts vary for each venue.  On average, shifts are about 6 hours.  The report time for the shift is determined by the time the gates open and the end time varies.  Every shift includes set up and clean up which is a team effort.

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Each volunteer is responsible for keeping track of their donation funds.  The Treasurer will send an annual statement after April each year for you to reconcile your balances. 


Here is a tracking tool you can use:

Click "file" and "make a copy" to save it to your computer.  There are tabs for tracking each month's shifts and a totals page that automatically calculates each tab.

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